4 Monica & Pheobe Outfits flaunted by my Instagram icon

I’ve already managed to get my Instagram icon to flaunt 4 Rachel Green outfits and now it’s time for Pheobe and Monica’s turn.

These are ranked from cute to cutest, according to my personal style.

#4 boho Pheobe

#3 badass Monica

#2 The iconic puppy string Pheobe

#1 Monica in red

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4 Rachel Green Looks My Instagram Icon Rocked!

I asked my Instagram icon to dress up as Rachel Green from FRIENDS.

Rachel Green is one of my style icons. In the earlier seasons of FRIENDS she wears more casual clothes. As seasons progressed, her career became more serious and we started seeing a more sophisticated classic look.

I asked Christelle Dippenaar, 22, who is a fashionista, to recreate Rachel’s iconic looks – with whatever she has in her closet. And boy she nailed it.

Christelle’s Instagram account has always been my favourite to stalk. She portrays her fashion, and it’s aesthetically pleasing to the bone.

Here are my favourite outfits ranked from cute to OMG

#4 stylish school teacher

Christelle switched a longer dress for a modern shorter dress. This can be paired with boots, flats to even sneakers. You can even switch it up and wear knee high stockings. The buttons in the middle of dress makes this look stand out, but you could also wear just a plane dress. If you have long hair, placing your hair in a bun will make a formal statement. You can wear dark red lipstick, and dark make up. Maybe even all black. Maybe by adding a chocker, you could add a more gothic look that would look amazing.

#3 going grocery shopping looking Hella cute

This paired with white sneakers or even blue sneakers would look adorable. If I wore this I’d add a chocker but maybe that’s just me. You could even wear your hair loose. This kind of style could be worn with light and natural make up. It screams casual and comfortable.

#2 cute cheerleader

Christelle rocked this look.
It’s so Instagram worthy.

#1 crushing this job interview!

This is my favourite look and I applaud Christelle Dippenaar! Rachel would be so proud!

These looks are so inspiring and I’m so glad I’m sharing this with the world.

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I want to adopt and I don’t need your unsolicited comment

I will adopt a fellow South African one day.

I can’t remember how young I was when I decided this. I remember as a kid thinking “yeah sure I’ll have kids… But not my own” adoption has always been an open idea from a tender age. And I just know I’ll be the perfect mother. I’ve never wanted my own kids. And for so many reasons. Hey, I have issues. And I just can’t see myself bringing a soul on earth when there’s a pure, lost and lonely soul out there looking for a mom.

Did you know Africa is a home to literally more than quarter of the orphan population? There are about 140 million orphans in the world and maybe even more. Africa makes up 52 million. Which is listed more than 30%. There are 3.5 million kids here in SA without parents. Meaning there are literally millions here on this continent who are alone.
They were orphaned due to aids, and as of the 2014 world panic attack: ebola.
Thousands of African children were orphaned by losing parents to the ebola epidemic. It was most active in the west of Africa, spreading through many countries, including Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, leaving close to 4,000 children without parents. Babies could also be orphaned because mommy wasn’t ‘ready’ for a child and well, this is Africa: excessive poverty, apathy, and lack of education.

The apethetic and heartless just couldn’t give a crap about this new life, so why not just chuck that living and breathing soul in the drain or dustbin hey?

I know we all have different views, but I hope you know that it IS legal to have an abortion. If you do want an abortion, seek out through research and make sure the clinic is authorised. There are too many back door abortions that are not safe to women. If you don’t support abortions, you don’t have to get mad at this article or at any one, this is just to help someone. If you’re pregnant and you’re against abortion, please seek help with a social worker so you can send your baby to the welfare. There are orphan homes. And it’s honestly not necessary to leave your newborn in a drain. Please.

Since 2001 the foreign aid has been good to orphans and every year orphanage stats decrease by 0.07%. One day I’ll add onto that.

If you consider to adopt: please don’t do it out of guilt, but love. Don’t do it because of pressure, it has to come internally. Don’t adopt to save any relationship, you are no Beyonce.

I’m fully aware that adopting is no debt payment to society, I will do this to save a child from a broken society. I want to do this because it’s in my boiling blood. My DNA craves it more than adopting a dog.

There are a few pointers behind why I don’t want a child.

  – why bring a child into an overpopulated world, with a struggling workforce and economy when there’s already a child out there who has been abandoned by parents? What kind of a life is this?

  – call me selfish if you want, at this points I couldn’t care less, but this is my body. And I don’t want to go through pregnancy. Sue me.

  And there’s a lot more but that’s all I want to share for now.

Art Fishing Club Reviewed me 1 year ago

I am Cadesia de Bruin.

This is what a really cool band thinks of my old blog.

I checked out your blog and was blown away by your vulnerability and honesty in sharing.  I’m specifically referring to your “I Can’t Cope” blog.  It broke my heart to hear the pain that you were going through their and I hope you know how valuable you are to the world. Unfortunately suffering is an inherent part of life but I really believe that people like you who are willing to share openly and honestly about the pain they’re going through helps alleviate others’ pain as they are reminded that they are not alone.  You have a gift with writing.  Thank you for sharing that with me. “

~ Art Fishing Club


The art behind a teenager

I will be exploring the life and difficulties of a fellow teenager from both ancient and modern times.

In the very beginning of time, ancient A.D. adolescents were forced into marriages – and victims of blood sacrifices. When you think the world has never been crazier, just think, what if there was a full guarantee that you and your friends will never make it past adolescents? Why allow life to spoil your fun? Everyone is mortal. Never seize to forget the importance of history.

Since the Paleolithic times, literally hundreds of thousands of years ago, teenagers were never validated on solid basic standards. If that doesn’t start a riot in your soul, remember that we still live in a world defined by the colour of your skin.

After centuries, it was only in Marilyn Monroe’s time, that ‘teenager’ was coined. The teenage culture all resulted because in America the teen farming economy fell, and the mandatory education came to the rescue. For about 60% of a century, it’s been a heavy and chaotic time for teenagers to just be minding their own business. Teenagers on the regular were reaching headlines, but with far-fetched and biased statements.

Although widely hated, ‘Highschool’ built a game-changing platform for teens. Guess who was behind the shaping of the teenage culture we text in today? Highschool. Ironically, we are all confined by bells, and history books we should question. But on a substantial angle at least we are not forced to farm and fight wars.

Art was a joke back in the previous century after teenage exposure, and it definitely wasn’t handled well by older generations. That routinous cycle continues today as a matter of fact. It was once stated that wonderwoman turned women gay, and that superman was a fascist. Art will never be understood. Isn’t art just someone’s viewpoint on how they view a particular instance, moment or object? Why fight art?

Here’s a revelation of a short timeline review on the decades of the past. All these decades have at least one defined aspect in common: attitude.

• The hippie 60’s were all about anti-conformity. Nothing stayed the same. Social, political and cultural changes defined the entire era. Teenagers in the ’70s had this wild collaboration that followed their recent teen ancestors from the social changes of the 60’s.

• In the 80’s, fashion was heightened, making it the trend of the decade. So before you judge our teenagers on their fashion and music taste, please have a seat and contemplate the 80’s. The two decades prior took a toll on the 80s, and honestly in that era, those kids just wanted some honest fun. No revolution.

• The teenagers in the mid-1990s were largely defined by skepticism, if I may just share, I think that’s enlightenment. After grunge died, they resorted to Billie Eilish baggy wear. That’s not just a fashion statement.

• The 00’s went faster than global warming effects. This was the first generation that said farewell to the basics and gave technology a handshake. Teenage freedom was once a thing, but now we are confined. The tech world could be why a lot of us mainly feel like we live in the wrong generation.

• And now the 10’s… We have a firm handshake on technology. We are just over a year away from entering a new era but this decade will be defined as the very beginning of technology take-over and faded reality. I mean, meet the generation who was raised utterly online.

There hasn’t been a single lifetime before this one where we can empower ourselves through technology, which reaches nations worldwide at the same time.

For M – I have never felt this hopeful, stable, happy and comfortable about a relationship… until I met you.

I’ve never thought I’d ever find someone like him. He’s been living down my street for years and I didn’t even know it. For all those days I rode my bicycle down the street, or walked to my bestfriend’s house 4 houses away from him: I didn’t stop and think, this could be my future. There were times I do remember staring at his house, but I never knew why I stopped to look. Maybe my soul was time travelling to steal a kiss from his sweet and soft lips. Maybe I missed him before I even knew him.

I always knew something was hopelessy missing. My soul didn’t belong to Nico, to Trevor, or to Cameron. It belonged to Mark. I’ve been bailed from my karma, and love has given another chance not to fuck up or run away or think of excuses.

This man makes me want to let go of every addiction I’ve ever had, and just lay in his stable arms until I am no more. In this life I was meant to love him as hard as I can, until we both seize to exist. We’ll travel, and we’ll take pictures, and get drunk together. We’ll drink wine in a bath full of bubble bath. We’ll buy expensive champaign to celebrate how ridiculous life is. We’ll hold each other until we both fade out of an anxiety attack. We’ll do so many wonderful things together, and when I look at him… My life will feel whole.

He’s my soulmate. And when I felt miserable and hopeless, I felt something warm, and that must have been his guardian angel telling me: “you just wait and see.”

And here I am, ten months deep into a loving and fulfilling relationship. I couldn’t help but tell a psychiatrist yesterday that I am so In love and I am bound to marry him.

I’m 22 and I’m not afraid of talking about my future with him, I don’t mind making it public, because I can see it. Don’t you? I’m wearing a white dress, with the perfect ring that he picked out all by himself. I’m getting drunk on a rare liquor not giving a damn about my ulcer, because I know he’ll take care of me.

He’s like the medical aid to my organs; the blood and will to live in my veins; and he’s the choker around my neck. He has my heart in his fist, and I trust him more than I’ve ever trusted any man.

He’s all mine.